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The Prefecture of Rethymno lies to the east of Chania, between the White Mountains and the Psiloritis mountain. It covers an area of 1,496 square kilometers, consisting mainly of mountains and hills. The population numbers approximately 63,000 and their main occupation is stock-breeding. Olive-oil, olives, vegetables and carobs are also produced by the locals. The prefecture has beautiful beaches, such as Bali, Plakias, Agia Galini, but tradition lovers will appreciate the village of Spili, with 25 fountains adorning its main square. Even though the prefecture is not as rich in archeological sites as the rest of Crete, it has many interesting things to show, like the Idaion Andron, where according to the myths Zeus was raised, and the historic Arkadi and Preveli Monasteries. Rethymno is is the capital city of the homonymous County, at the north side of the island. At the site of the contemporary town, it is believed to have existed the ancient city of Rithimna, populated during the later- minoan period, a fact which makes more sense since the discovery of a later-minoan age tomb, of great historical importance, in the Mastabas neighbourhood. During the venetian occupation of the city, a strong fortress was built with a length of 1.400 meters, as well as the well known castle of Fortetza, in order to protect it from enemy forces. Modern day Rethymno, with about 20.000 residents, is built mainly around the busy harbour. In its picturesque streets you will find contemporary buildings, traditional homes as well as mosques, byzantine churches, and structures of the venetian and turkish occupation periods. Among them you will notice the historic buildings of the Venetian Lotzia, the venetian mansions, the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the churches of Santa Maria, the Lady of the Angels, and of San Francesco, the mosques of Veli Pasha, of Kara Moysa Pasha, of the Great Entrance and the Neratzes Mosque. Also, the turksih school, the turkish baths and the beautiful Rimonti spring. In the city of Rethymnon you can also visit the Art Gallery, as well as the worthwhile Archaelogical and the Historic-Laographic Museums.

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