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The city of Rhodes is situated on the northern part of the island and has a population of 40,000 inhabitants. The town is characterized by modern blocks of flats, wide streets, stores, squares, monuments, picturesque neighborhoods, neo-classical houses, Byzantine churches and Turkish mosque. The recent touristic growth contributed to the construction of modern hotel units, night clubs, tavernas, restaurants and numerous shops. The sites of Rhodes are varied and interesting. Among them, one should visit the ruins of the Ancient City on the hill of Monte Smith, the mosque of Myrat Reis, the mosque of Souleiman, the Hydrobiological Institute, the churches of Agios Fragiskos, Panagia Nikis, True Cross, Panagia Kastrou, Profitis Ilias and Evangelistira, with the beautiful frescoes created by Kondoglou. One should also visit the windmills, the tower of Agios Nikolaos at the port of Mandraki, as well as the green park of Rodini, a few kilometres outside the city. The most impressive part of the city is the Medieval Town, the dominating walls surrounding it and the Palace of the Grand Magistrates, signifying the city's glorious and glamorous past. One should also visit the museums of Rhodes which are of extreme interest. The Archaeological Museum, housed in the Hospital of the Knights, includes sculpture, pots and several remarkable findings, while the Folk Museum exhibits a collection of traditional costumes and objects of daily use.

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