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Rouen is a must for anyone who loves the arts, fine foods and long strolls through cobblestone streets. From the most classical to the most innovative, the city offers a wide array of cultural activities. Rouen's museums, theatres, art galleries and other attractions are amongst the richest and most dynamic in France outside of Paris. Its richly endowed museums include the Musée des Beaux-Arts (or Fine Arts Museum), where visitors can appreciate one of the finest art collections in France, with world-class masterpieces by Velasquez, Géricault, Monet and others. The Theatre of the Arts/Normandy Opera House presents a vast programme of lyrical music, as well as other forms from classical to rock and roll. Each year, more than 400 concerts are music to the ears in Rouen. Cultural activities and other festivities make their way onto the streets of Rouen during a number of popular events attended by thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people. Theatre, painting, dance, music, cinema and architecture: the muses still grace the birthplace of Corneille and Flaubert.

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