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Set along the coast of New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy, this oldest of Canada's cities has been welcoming people from Europe, England, and Ireland for centuries, each leaving their indelible imprint on Saint John's culture, architecture, and language. They are what make Saint John great, making you feel right at home with a jubilant love for their city! There are so many ways to enjoy this place that you just need to point yourself in any direction and go. Saint John is surrounded on three sides by beaches, and also has many lakes. Just about the whole year is festival season, so dust off your dancing shoes and tap your toes to the Acadian tunes that fill the air. With one hundred billion tons of seawater roaring in and out of the bay twice daily, you just know you're in for a seafood feast that's simply out of this world. Catch your own lobster, dig for clams for a clambake on the beach, and try some dulse, the world-famous purple seaweed dried to a crunchy snack! If buildings could talk, Saint John's would fill volumes. Over 200 years old, the streets are steeped in the history of this Maritime town and the best way to get a sense of this past is to tour uptown on foot. Then, without even leaving the city, you can segue from architecture to nature by visiting Rockwood Park and enjoying the wildlife at Irving Nature Park by the sea. The views will have you snapping your camera every minute!

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