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Cruises to Saint Malo

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Saint-Malo is often compared to a great vessel preparing to set out to sea, always searching renewal and adventures. Every street corner, every shore recalls the city's legendary past, along the innumerable walks and seafront promenades. More than two and a half million visitors come here every year from all over the world to appreciate this exceptional site and its special atmosphere. But alongside its incomparable tourist attractions, Saint-Malo has made the most of its resources and has developed its commerce and industry. It is the first port on the North coast of Brittany, and it now ranks 8th among the economic towns of France with less than 50 000 inhabitants. It is a international sailing capital. A great variety of nautical activities are to be found here. And so as not to do things by halves, the biggest transoceanic races in the world start from the corsair city.

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