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St Mary’s is the largest island in the Isles of Scilly island group offering a splendid base for your holiday. It is to St.Mary’s quay that the Scillonian ferry travels on weekdays and Saturdays in the summer season and from here the colourful inter-island launches collect their passengers for trips to the other islands - inhabited and uninhabited alike. Only nine miles of narrow roads link St Mary’s and these offer easy walking and cycling. Off the beaten track, we have many nature trails and coastal paths where you can discover the delights of our woodlands, heaths, wetlands, rocky headlands and sand-dunes thick with marram grasses and wild agapanthus flowers from Africa. The beautiful curve of Old Town Bay with its sheltered beach, village shop, pub and cafes encompasses the tiny Old Church, still lit only by candles for its services. Accommodation is available in various forms, from hotels in and around Hugh Town, to guest-houses, self-catering and camping - from the traditional to the modern. Something, in short, to suit all tastes and budgets. Hugh Town, at the hub of daily life, offers the greatest choice, but there are guest-houses and self-catering properties all around the island and on farmland tucked away for those seeking that little extra peace and solitude

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