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Considered the principal entrance gateway to northeastern tourism, Salvador, capital of Bahia, gained fame for its rich religious influence, which, in a climate off fraternal conviviality, joins Catholics to the rites of Candomblé voodoo rites. The typical and religious festivities, which have Carnival as its greatest event, extend throughout the whole year. One gets lost in the slopes of the High City where the streets and slopes of Pelourinho, reformed two years ago, invite you to stroll amongst small handicraft shops. One has to have time also to savor the delights found on the sidewalks in the trays of the Bahia people: from 'vatapá' (seasoned dish made of manioc meal mixed with fish) to 'acarajé' (a cake of cooked beans fired in dendê-palm oil). From there one also has a privileged view of the Bay of All Saints with its fortresses. The Fort of Santo Antonio da Barra (from 1598), that shelters the famous Farol da Barra (Barra Lighthouse) and the Nautical Museum of Bahia. All the historical complex of Pelourinho is an obligatory visit. The ideal is to leave the car in a nearby road and cover the whole schedule on foot. Apart from the Bonfim Church there are other beautiful religious constructions such as the Convent of São Francisco. Salvador has a shoreline with 50 km of beaches with the sea almost always calm, with some natural swimming pool formations and generous shade under the coconut trees. The schedule can start at Porto da Barra, a small cove practically without waves. Ondina, Rio Vermelho, Amaralina, Pituba, Armação, Corsário, Jaguaribe, Piatã, Itapoã, Stella Maris, Flamengo, and Alleluia complete the north coastline circuit. The coconut trees and dunes of Itapoã have inspired the lyricist and musician Dorival Caymmi. Through the Coco Highway, one reaches Ipitanga, Vilas do Atlântico, Jauá, Buraquinho, Guarajuba, Arembepe, Itacimirim, and Praia do Forte. Whoever adventures a bit further, following the so-called Green Line, can enjoy the paradisiacal Imbassaí, Sauípe, Subaúma, Sítio do Conde, and Mangue Seco.

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