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San Francisco is a golden dream come true, a place where heart, mind and soul embrace, lost in the simplicity of delightful deliverance. Fog and sun mingle playfully above America's favorite city; the cool, cloudy comfort of early morning slowly dissolving into the peaceful warmth of a gentle afternoon glow. Touch is real. Feel is the essence of escape. Savor is one of a kind. Little wonder why San Francisco has been named the world's top city twice by readers of Condé Nast Traveler; the top U.S. city seven times since 1988. San Francisco's neighborhoods comprise its inner beauty, enhancing daydreams, opening doors to new and exciting visions. The City is a cultural wonderland, an ethnic treasure chest where custom, tradition and history are preserved, celebrated, shared. So take your time and explore The City. You'll find that the Gold Rush days have never really ended here; there's still plenty of gold to be found. The restless spirit of The City's Barbary Coast past lives on, fueled by a desire to be different, nurtured by infinite viewpoints, personalities, styles. Magical moments abound. The echo of cable car bells from atop great hills. The rejuvenation of the soul upon crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The splendor and elegance of a boat cruise on San Francisco Bay. The soft touching of wine glasses over a gourmet meal. The views. The people. The sights. The sounds. The City. So come and share the wealth. Let your heart, mind and soul wander. Stay as long as you like. San Francisco encourages lingering. It was designed with adventure, romance and pleasure in mind. It is one of life's great indulgences, so indulge. It is one of the world's most gratifying escapes, so escape. It is where the world comes to unwind. It is America's preeminent playground.

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