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The beautiful island of Sark (or Ile de Sercq) lies 14 1/2 kilometres to the south east of Guernsey and is part of the Bailiwick. It is reached by modern ferry which takes around 45 minutes from Guernsey (9 miles harbour to harbour). It is a splendid example of un-spoilt countryside with 350 feet high cliffs, dramatic valleys and woodlands, green fields and sandy beaches. Cars are not permitted and the tranquility is spoilt only by the occasional farm tractor which also double up as delivery vehicles and are used to pull the «bus» carrying day-trippers up the long hill from the harbour. Tourism which started in the 19th century is the island's main industry and is particularly popular with day trippers. The unspoilt countryside, wildflowers and beautiful beaches bring visitors back year after year. Enjoy the olde worlde charm of horse drawn carriages to see around the island or cycle around. There are always plenty available to hire. With 40 miles of spectacular coastline, there is plenty to see and do. On the east coast is Point Robert lighthouse built in 1912. You will have to go down 146 steps to reach it on the side of the cliff, but if you find it open, it is worth a visit. On the south coast is the beautiful Dixcart Bay and although like most of the bays, requires a cliff path walk down, the journey is worthwhile. On the west coast are some caves worth exploring at low tide, particularly Les Gouiliots. The gardens of the island's Crown tenant, the Seigneur are open to the public Monday to Friday 10.00am to 5pm Easter to October and also Saturdays in July and August. The house dates back to 1675 and became known as La Seigneurie when the Dame of Sark occupied it in 1730. It is the site of a 6th century monastery of St Magloire and two of the monks small chapels have survived. The gardens are open to the public every week day during the tourist season and also on Saturdays during high season July through to the end of September. There are many community events organised throughout the summer, but the highlight of the year is always the Sark Water Carnival. There is an excellent range of bars and the island also boasts wonderful hotels, guest houses, self-catering accommodation and two camp-sites.

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