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The town of Savona (about 60,000 inhab.) is a commercial and industrial centre on the Ligurian «Riviera di Ponente», dates back to the 4th century BC and grew grew up on the rocky Priamar with Sabazius-worshipping Ligurians. It was then under the Rorman empire and after them became a naval and military base of the Byzantines. The town rose in 1191 to the status of free commune in direct conflict with Genoa, its main rival battling for long time for centuries. After the Napoleonic times and in 1815 was annexed to the kingdom of Sardinia. Among its famous buildings there is Palazzo della Rovere (piazza della Rovere) built in 1495 by Giuliano da Sangallo after the instrustions of Giuliano della Rovere, later to become pope Julius 11. Other interesting places are the mediaeval palazzo del Caretto, the Church of St. Andrew and the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Asumption with works of great value to be seen in the Treasury Museum Beside tbe church is the Sistina chapel built at the wish of Sixtus IV . Savona Priamar Fortress is one of the synbol of the town, it was built in tbc 16th century by the republic of Genoa. Giuseppe Mazzini was imprisoned bere where he claborated the ideas about the Italian unification. In some rooms there is a museum entitled to Sandro Pertini one of the most loved Italian presidents. In the inland of Savona you have to visit Nostra Signora della Misericordia postioned in a peaceful and interesting site. Talking then about food (after all this walking around you need something to eat after all) typical restaurants are all around with many dishes of the Ligurian cousine but if you want to go around ask for a slice of «Savonese Torta pasqualina» (Easter Pie, flour with a vegetable base) with a glass of white wine. It stand out like a meal and you are ready to continue to go walking around again.

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