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Sifnos Island main data and map

Sifnos is a mountainous island which contributes to the beauty of the Cycladic landscape. The hills and the valleys have olive-trees and they are planted all over in comparison with with the other islands where the vegetation is almost inexistent when the visitor is coming he can see two sharp rocks and the houses of a village in the background. This village is Kamares and when you'll see it, you'll love it. Sifnos is considered to be the island of Apollo. You have to be patient for getting to know Sifnos and discover its beauties. For this reason, Sifnos is not ideal for vacations with schedule but its ideal for tours and for people that don't want to be impressed from the first sight. They will discover the light of Sifnos. The architecture of Sifnos is simple and harmonious with the needs and the landscape's aesthetic. The houses are all white in a shape of cube. The alleys are paved and limy and they are decorated with flowers. The houses yards are all white and they've got white stone benches, stone seats and among them, there are the picturesque white churches with the blue domes and the beautiful campaniles. Sifnos waits for everyone with its armful open. It wants to walk through its alleys to enjoy its sunlight to swim to its crystal clear waters to visit the Virgin Ouranofora and the night waits for travel us in other places. Sifnos belongs to the cluster of West Cyclades in Aegean sea and it is situated between Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. The island has a triangular shape and its distance form Piraeus is 75 miles. It's extent beaches about the 74 sq Km and its coasts the 70 Km and they are full of beautiful bays and gulfs. Sifnos belongs to the prefecture of Cyclades managerially and ecclesiastically. The Metropolis in which it belongs to it is found in Ermoupolis of Syros. Very recently it became a municipality including many built-up-areas and villages. Seat of this municipality is Apollonia. The ground of the island is mountainous and here ,they grow the olives and that's why the island is planted all over with olive-trees. The highest hill of Sifnos the Profetes Elias reaches the 680 m. The other hills are lower. It's got two little torrents Livadas and Erkies. To all these contributes to the beauty and the sea as well, with the bays and the small gulf on its coasts. The bays are usually decorated with small churches. Sifnos got an excellent climate admired by the travelers of the centuries. The summer the atmosphere is freshened up by the northeastern winds. The ground of Sifnos offers many marbles crystal lines and macro- crystal lines and others rocks. Minerals of iron and manganese there are in Agios Sostis, Agios Silvestros. Vorini, Kapsalo and Polonia. Sifnos minerals was famous from antiquity.

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