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Sisimiut is centrally located on the west coast of Greenland a short distance to the north of the Arctic Circle. The town exhibits a charming mixture of old and new buildings. It is a bustling and beautiful town and it has excellent flight and ship communications - all year round. The municipality of Sisimiut is surrounded by skerries and fabulously beautiful fiords where whales and seals offer great opportunities for an exciting photo safari. Fishing is the main trade and the catch includes salmon, halibut, catfish, red fish, Greenlandic halibut, shrimps and large crabs. Fishing vessels of all sizes land their catch every day in Sisimiut. The town Sisimiut is exquisitely situated between high mountains and an easily accessible hinterland where tourists can experience Greenland's divinely beautiful flora while hiking in the area. . Or on the classic trek from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland's international airport, which is situated at the head of the deep fiord that has the same name. Visitors also have the opportunity to do some summer skiing on the nearby glacier. In the winter the area is definitely the most exciting in all Greenland for snowmobile riding and dog sledding. An annually recurring event is the world's toughest ski race, the Arctic Circle Race. The town's alpine ski area includes the ski lift, Solbakken, offers great opportunities for snowboarding, slalom or down hill skiing. They also have the choice of several cross country tracks.

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