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Skagen is first of all great nature, the oceans and the sand dunes make a great landscape. The closeness to two oceans makes the weather rough sometimes, but there is always fresh air and we had sunshine most of the time. Dining at the harbor is just great, due to the large fishing harbor you get really great, fresh fish and can sit outside the cozy, Skagen style, buildings. We rented a summer cottage, newly renovated, and had a great time grilling our dinners on the terrace, enjoying a bottle of wine and each other. Skagen is the northernmost point of Denmark, dividing the North Sea and Kattegat, the entrance to the Baltic Ocean. The light in Skagen is famous, a lot of artists come to Skagen to paint pictures, and we visited Skagen Museum, which has an excellent exhibition of paintings. A must in Skagen is the sunsets over the ocean, never the same, but always fascinating to see the colors changing as the sun sets in the ocean. As the land between the two oceans only is a couple of kilometers wide at Skagen, you can see the sun rise over one ocean and set in the other, a unique experience every time, even after watching a thousand times.

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