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Join us in celebrating our Gold Rush past as we begin our second century, being the gateway to the Klondike. Spend some time in our historical city, visit the surrounding wilderness areas or take in some of our events!

A place exists in Alaska where the past lives on, where the cries of “gold in the Yukon» still echo from steep canyon walls, where the sounds of barroom pianos and boomtown crowds ring out in the night. A place where the romance and excitement of yesteryear linger around every street corner, every bend in the trail. That place is Skagway!

Skagway was the gateway to the gold fields for the thousands who flocked to Alaska and the Yukon with the hope of striking it rich. Skagway may have boasted the shortest route to the Klondike, but it wasn't the easiest.

Over 100 years ago, the White Pass route through the Coast Mountains and the shorter but steeper Chilkoot Trail were used by countless stampeders. Many a would-be miner perished on the treacherous Chilkoot Trail.

The gold rush was a boon and by 1898, Skagway was Alaska's largest town with a population of about 20,000. Hotels, saloons, dance halls and gambling houses prospered. But when the gold yield dwindled in 1900, so did the population as miners quickly shifted to new finds in Nome.

Today, Skagway has less than 1,000 residents. It still retains the flavor of the gold rush era.


White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

The «Scenic Railway of the World» links Skagway with Yukon, Canada. A 41-mile roundtrip offers an unforgettable journey to the summit of the White Pass at nearly 3,000 feet in elevation.

Outdoor Adventures Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy what is truly an outdoorsman's paradise, with activities you won't find anywhere else. Go for a ride on a dog sled, horseback riding, hiking, river rafting, flightseeing, ziplining and more.

Klondike Summit Klondike Summit

The Klondike Summit, also called the White Pass Summit rises 3,292 feet above sea level along the Klondike Highway. The journey, running parallel to the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, offers breathtaking views of waterfalls, glaciers, scenic vistas and glimpses of the original Brackett Wagon Road and Tormented Valley.

Gold Rush History Gold Rush History

Relive the color and history of the Yukon Gold Rush. Tour the camps, pan for gold and meet a few costumed characters who'll show you what life was like during the boom-town days in the 1800s.

Yukon (Canada) Yukon (Canada)

Yukon is a wilderness playground with an extensive network of waterways. On the scenic 65-mile drive from Skagway, the lush coastal landscape gives way to rugged wilderness. Its capital, Whitehorse, is the center for the Yukon's mining and forestry industries, and a welcoming spot for visitors.

Haines Haines

Pristine beauty and an abundance of wildlife define Haines. Just 14 miles from Skagway by water, the town is renowned for huge convocations of bald eagles and one of the planet's longest fjords.

Red Onion Saloon Red Onion Saloon

During the Klondike Gold Rush, the Red Onion Saloon was Skagway's most exclusive bordello. Now this colorful establishment is a bar/restaurant and a National Historic Building.

Dog Sledding Dog Sledding

Meet professional mushers and their amazing canine companions in an introduction to Alaska's state sport. Take a flight to a glacier to experience flying over the snow, or visit the summertime training grounds for a ride in a wheeled sled.

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