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Skjervoy is the main place of a little island commune in North-Troms. Even wider inhabited and uninhabited islands are part of the commune. The main island is connected by a bridge and a tunnel with the mainland and over ferry services to the neighbour islands. The southly and northly going Hurtigrute calling at Skjervoy daily. Through this one has a secure and directly connection to Tromso besides the some times at week going skips from the Hurtigboot routes. Approximately 3000 people live on Skjervoy. The economic basis forms the fishing and the fish processing industry. There are all important facilities on the island, how different schools, health facilities and shopping possibility.The climate is according to the situation north of the polar circle. By the proximity to the sea the temperatures are mild also in the winter. The sun doesn't rise from the middle of November by the middle of February and correspondingly doesn't set in the summer. The life in north Norway is characterized by its fantastic nature. Everywhere you find mountains and water with frequent change of light by the seasonally different positions of the sun. One lives in the high mountains and by the sea at the same time. Through this fantastic possibilities are found for walking and fishing.

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