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Encircling the harbour, Skopelos town has something for everyone; tranquil small squares with marvellous views, quaint churches in magnificent settings or bustling bars with loud music. Its traditional architecture makes it unique amongst Greek islands. Narrow flower-filled cobbled streets climb the hillside between white washed houses with slate or red-tile roofs and bougainvillea cascading down their walls. The overhanging wooden balconies and the white lace curtains behind painted windows create an intimate atmosphere. The old town is a designated preservation area and new building must retain the old style. Built on a steep slope, it is largely inaccessible to vehicles. For those staying in the town a car is not a necessity. You may wander for hours in the quiet neighbourhoods exploring the 120 Byzantine churches with the carved temples, or the ruins of the 13th century Venetian fortress. In contrast with the upper vicinities, the harbour side is busy and active. Inter-island ferries, yacht flotillas, hydrofoils, day-trip cruisers, fishing and excursion boats are coming and going. All along the waterfront are cafes, bars and taverns sheltered by huge plane or mulberry trees, and behind these are some marvellous shops. The fine collection of boutiques, jeweller's and souvenir shops reflect the sophisticated side of Skopelos. You will be amazed to notice the beautiful shop signs that enhance the local spectacle. Particularly here most of the business owners have maintained this traditional way of graphic art form on wooden, hand-painted signs. Skopelos town is the island's capital on the east side.

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