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Sorrento, Italy, lies about 50 minutes south of Naples on a peninsula that juts into the Bay of Naples. The population is about 17,000 people, but the population swells each day due to tourists. It is situated amid lemon groves and atop a tufa cliff. The sunsets are spectacular, the shopping is centralized just off of the main piazza, and the boats to Capri leave starting at 9 a.m. Until you see the lemons for yourself, you will have a hard time visualizing just how large they are. From this fruit a special after dinner drink is made which you must try--Limoncello. The after dinner drink of limoncello is served in a glass that is about 4 inches tall and only 1/2 wide. The liqueur is chilled in the freezer and is to be sipped, not drunk. Sorrento is also famous for the inlaid wood plaques (below left), and the biggest selection is in a store on the main piazza (below right) right next to the flags. If you want a souvenir of Sorrento that is typical of the city, this is the place to buy it.

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