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South America / Galapagos Cruises / Ecuador

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This enchanted Subtropical island is comprised of two small islets that are uplifted from the coast of Santa Cruz Island. Despite its slightly smaller size, the unique vegetation and location of Plazas island creates a setting in which the fauna and flora of the Galapagos can truly be experienced to its fullest. Some of the most intriguing species of the archipelago can be found on these amazing islets. One of the most common creatures to be seen on Plazas is the land iguana. This magnificent creature can most often be found lying in the cool shade of a cactus. The rugged cliffs of Plazas Island create a prime habitat for swallow-tailed gulls, along with many other species of tropical birds. The coast of this island is protected by a distinct rocky seashore. This protection has allowed a colony of lively sea lions to establish their home here on Plazas. The island’s main attractions are its sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls, yellow-tailed mullets, Audubon’s shearwaters, red-billed tropic birds, frigate birds, land iguanas, and brown pelicans.

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