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Stanley is a picturesque town of about 1700 people. Brightly colored wriggly-tin roofs contrast strikingly with the grays and browns of the surrounding hills. The town is named after Lord Stanley, Secretary of State for the Colonies 1841 - 1844. He ordered the main settlement to be removed from Port Louis to the Port Jackson area and Governor Richard Clement Moody completed the move and took up official residence in Stanley on the 15th July 1844. Your first point of call should be the newly completed Jetty Center - situated just off the Public Jetty, this is where you'll get all the information you'll need on what to do, how to get about and where to stay. For anyone interested in history, a visit to Stanley will be a rich and rewarding experience. A maritime history trail around the harbor leads you to famous wrecks. Old stone cottages mingle with wriggly-tin houses - there are the amazing Jubilee Villas - a piece of British Victorian suburbia in the South Atlantic and the Chelsea Pensioners houses in Pioneer row (brought here in the late 1840's). There are also more recent reminders of the conflict in 1982 - Stanley may be small but it is filled with interest. Your visit would not be complete without a visit to the museum in Holdfast Road (so called because it was here on the 14th June 1982 that Maj. Gen. Sir Jeremy Moore ordered his troops to 'hold fast' until he had negotiated the Argentine surrender. The museum is packed with a huge variety of exhibits ranging from an 1896 Symphonium to whalebones. The stated objective of the museum is to present a taste of the many aspects of the Falklands' rich and varied history including Domestic, Maritime, Social, Military and Natural History - it is not to be missed!

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