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Named after the Norse fire god Surtur, Surtsey is not only one of the world's newest islands, but the most filmed and researched and one of the most restricted. Ever since the eruption in 1963 which heaved it up out of the waters 18km (11 miles) south-west of Heimaey, its progress has been monitored giving scientists a fascinating insight into how a new island evolves, how flora and fauna develop and so on. Because of this very few people are allowed to visit the island, and special permits are only granted for scientific research.The birth of Surtsey took almost four years as eruption followed eruption until 1967, by which time the island stood 150m (492ft) above sea level and covered an area of almost 3sq km (2sq miles). Because of pounding seas, there was a considerable amount of early erosion, but the island core quickly solidified as rock and is now holding its own while scientists watch everything.

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