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Takamatsu is in the central part of Kagawa Prefecture, in north-eastern Shikoku, Japan. It faces the Seto Inland Sea National Park and is surrounded by hills and small mountains in the suburbs. Takamatsu City is blessed with mild weather, characterized by little change in temperature and very dry climate except for heavy rainfalls during the rainy and typhoon seasons, which combine to make it comfortable to live throughout the year. A dense fog peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea region, often sets in spring through early summer. Takamatsu has many historic sites. In 1588, Takamatsu Castle, the castle of a feudal lord was built. It became the 40th city of Japan in 1890 and has since enlarged its municipal area and grown in population by incorporating towns and villages around the city. On July 4th, 1945, the city was damaged by an air-raid by the Allied Troops. Every year in mid-August, domestic and international tourists come to enjoy Takamatsu Festival. Ritsurin Park is one of the famous tourist spots here. This landscape garden used to be a villa of the feudal lord of Sanuki Province. The harmonious arrangement of rocks, water and greenery, with refined teahouses, artistically laid out in the park, is bound to purify visitors' souls. Another must-see for a tourist in Takamatsu would be the Yashima Plateau. The top of the hill commands a superb view of the Bisan Seto Inland Sea, which boasts the beauty of numerous islands. Tamamo Park used to be the home of feudal lords whose castle was protected by the water filled moats on three sides. The park has an abundance of trees and flowers in every season which makes it a pleasure for visitors enjoying the sea breeze.

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