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Tasiilaq is the largest town in East Greenland with a population of around 1,700. The town is beautifully situated in a fjord surrounded by high mountains. The town of Tasiiaq is split down the middle by a small river, which flows down through the Flower Valley behind the town. The unique Arctic flora in the Flower Valley makes this a great place for a stroll or a trek. At the town's highest point is a cairn, built to mark Tasiilaq's 50th anniversary in 1944. From this place one have a superb view of the whole town and the surrounding area. Like other towns in Greenland, small wooden houses in all the colors of the rainbow characterize Tasiilaq. Several generations often share the same roof and have their dogs chained outside the house. Also some larger buildings catch the eye, such as the yellow-painted hospital and the modern municipality building. The central Greenland Philately, which employs a large staff, has become an important part of life in Tasiilaq. The population of Tasiilaq lives with, in and of the natural environment - the sea, the ice, the mountains and the animals they catch are vital to their existence in this part of the world. Only about 100 years has passed since the first Europeans arrived in Ammassalik, so traditional Inuit culture still has an important role to play in everyday life. But Tasiilaq is also a modern community with all the facilities found elsewhere in the world. There is a little confusion regarding the name of the town. Tasiilaq was formerly known by its Western Greenland name, Ammassalik (or by its old spelling: Angmassalik). Today, we often use the Eastern Greenland name, Tasiilaq. However, the town is situated on an island, which is still called Ammassalik.

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