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Nestling beside the Osafjord in Western Norway is the quiet resort town of Ulvik . In reality, Ulvik never had a railway. Peco track and Seep point motors are used. The confined track layout may produce some interesting language during shunting - not necessarily Norwegian in origin. The buildings are wooden kits by Euromodd/Fides and the ship is a Lindbergh model. Rolling stock is a mixture of items by Lima, Roco, Kleinbahn, etc., many of which were purchased during visits to Norway. Except for the very fine Di5 diesel shunter (Roco), all locomotives are models of electric types. Miraculously, they don't seem to need overhead wires! Hopefully, catenary will be erected soon complete with wooden poles made front barbecue sticks. Other refinements will include more buildings and even ballast, so there is still a lot to do. Enjoy your visit to this Norwegian backwater.

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