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This town is 800km (496mi) north of the Arctic Circle. The name translates in a rather droll manner as 'the spring place': the average summer temperature hovers around a rather chilly 5°C (45°F). Although some locals are involved in the fishing industry, seal and polar bear hunting are still the mainstay for many people here. Tourists can see the Old Town Museum, which is Greenland's oldest. The last visitor's book, lasting over 60 years, has been inscribed by many of the famous and infamous Arctic explorers. Exhibits include a qajaq ensemble complete with harpoon, throwing stick, bird skewer, knife, and leather thong line. Plans are underway to incorporate the entire historical district into the museum. The three-hour hike from Upernavik's highest peak, Inuusuussuaq, to the northern tip, Naajarsuit, will take visitors through a magical landscape. The rocks are streaked with brilliantly colored mineral deposits, including veins of natural graphite and streaks of red, yellow, violet, orange and green.

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