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The second-largest city in Chile, Valparaíso enjoys a spectacular location between the mountains and the sea. This coastal city boasts a romantic, time-worn elegance of cobbled streets and Victorian houses. The Chilean Congress recently moved to Valparaíso from Santiago, giving the city a fresh boost of energy. Just ten minutes north of Valparaíso lies Viña del Mar, Chile's premier coastal resort. You'll find fabulous beaches and a bustling commercial sector. Viña del Mar is known as the Ciudad Jardín (Garden City) thanks to its lavish gardens and subtropical atmosphere. The weather is often cool and foggy. The nightlife is better in Viña del Mar than in Valparaíso, so plan to head there to check out the cinemas and dance clubs. Near these twin cities are loads of beaches and stunning coastline. Be sure to check out the fabulous seafood. The Reserva Nacional Lago Peñuelas near Valparaíso is a popular spot for weekend outings. The Parque Nacional la Campana is a great place for communing with the outdoors as well.

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