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The central hub of the Fiji Islands is called Viti Levu (translation 'Big Fiji' by the locals) and is the business, industrial and political centre of the island group. It is the most populated and provides the main international airport near Nadi Town. The island is oval in shape and approximately 146km from east to west and 106 km from north to south. There is a main road that goes around the island. Starting as Queens Road in Lautoka going south through Nadi and east to Suva it then changes name to Kings Road and comes around the Northern part of the island, west through Ba Town and back to Lautoka. Viti Levu, although small in dimension takes nearly one day to drive around as the road hugs the coast in areas and goes over steep hilly valleys in others. Most of the other island groups are accessible from Viti Levu from either boat or small plane.

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