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The Honey Island, The Sun City, the Nativity Scene City. Many are the adjectives created to describe the beauty of the Island of Vitória, the largest one of an archipelago formed by 34 units. It is the capital and the heart of Espírito Santo, where history and natural beauties are together with the comfort and facilities found in the big cities. But no rush, no endless traffic jams and the characteristic stress of the metropolis. There are 2.8 thousand beds at your disposal in medium and high standard hotels and endless restaurants serving the best of Capixaba (from Vitória) and Brazilian cuisine Thirty percent of the 81-km2 Island of Vitória is formed by protected green areas. That means large areas of Atlantic forest and associated ecosystems - like mangroves and sandbanks. Another important fact is that 45.5 hectares of hillsides were reforested in the last years, which corresponds to 220 thousand native and exotic fast growing trees. Founded in 1551 and being one of the 10 oldest cities in Brazil, Vitoria is growing quickly and has a lot to offer: beaches, night life, international hotel network, excellent restaurants and an impressive mall. All this items makes Vitoria one of the best places to live and to visit in Brazil Vitoria, also know as «A Ilha do Mel» (The Honey Island), is the largest island in an archipelago where 33 others can be found. Its geography is featured by a winding and rocky coast line, a bay and a canal.

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