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Located at the base of the St Elias Mountains on the scenic Gulf of Alaska is the borough and city of Yakutat. Yakutat is a small Tlingit settlement with population of 1000 residents, 300 of those being seasonal. Yakutat is the only community of significant size in the nearly 400 miles between Cordova and the northern panhandle. The borough takes up all of the narrow ┬źneck┬╗ of the State of Alaska (5,875 square miles) between the 141st parallel and the Southeast Panhandle. It is set in a maritime climate with a dramatic landscape of high mountains, large glaciers, glacial valleys, fjords, bays, rivers, forests, wetlands, and the open ocean. Commercial fishing, sport fishing guiding and tourism are the primary sources of income for most residents, though outdoor recreation and government also play important roles in the local economy. Yakutat is approximately 200 air miles northwest of Juneau, 190 air miles southeast of Cordova and 300 air miles southeast of Anchorage.

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